Our History

This congregation was organized back in 1855, The group began outgrowing homes of members and started meeting in the Masonic Hall on the southwest corner of the square on Jefferson St. 

Women of the church met together for tea, and the beginning of mission work was born.  The first church was an oblong frame building. built at the corner of Third and Green at a cost of $6,000.  The second and Jefferson St.Church was an imposing structure dedicated on Sept. 13, 1914 at a cost of $31,000.  In 1953, a new wing was added for the purpose of providing additional classrooms.  The wing was built joining the church at the southwest corner; it was completed in 1953 at a cost of $10,000. 

Many factors entered into making the decision for still another move.  The need for more parking space, stairs which caused restrictions for the handicapped, a need for expanded classrooms and general improvements to the building were among the main ones.  Congregational action was taken on June 13, 1962 with the decision to relocate.  In December of that year, the land which the church currently resides on East Ohio St. was approved for purchase and in November of 1962 a building campaign was held with the goal of $75,000.  The building was completed at a cost of $280,000 not including furnishings. The building was completed in 1966. Many additions have been made to the grounds and inside since 1966. The present building will, no doubt, be renewed and repaired many times in the years to come with the same love and dedication by its members.

Prior to 1905 (Dates and tenure unknown)
Rev. G.W. Longan
Elder Gillette
Elder Henry J. Speed
Elder James Phenix
Rev. Gage
Rev. William Birge
Rev. J.A. Mink
Rev. N.M. Ragland
Rev. G.W. Terrill
After 1905
Rev. A.N. Lindsey  1905-1938
Rev. Paul Stauffer 1938-1941
Rev. Allen Estill 1941-1945
Rev. Albert B. Hensley 1945-1946
Rev. George S. Caroland 1946-1952
Rev. W.O. Harmon 1952-1953
Rev. William Bradley 1954-1957
Rev. N. Vernon Blankenship 1957-1966
Rev. Don Slaughter 1966-1969
Rev. Harold Ball 1969-November 30, 1979
Intentional Interim of Service Clark L. Hargus January 1, 1980 – September 1981
Rev. Jim Beaumont July, 1980-September 1981
Intentional Interim of Service Debra Purviance October 15, 1981-April 11, 1982
Rev. Mark L. Prevo April 1982-1988
Interim Rev. Richard J. Eichenlaub  1988-1989
Rev. Howard L. Cupp Jr. 1989-2007
Interim Pastor John Wrench April, 2007 – November, 2007
Assistant Pastor Linda Bishop July, 2003 – December, 2005
Pastor David Dubovich 2007 - 2015
Pastor Tim Wessley Feb 1, 2016 to present